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The New American Lawn
Achieve a healthier, richer lawn with a natural, organic approach

Are you frustrated with your lawn year after year? Do you continually have weeds and bare spots that just don’t seem to go away? Have you been applying the same products and never getting the results you want? If this sounds familiar you should know that there is a better way to care for your lawn. It is a revolutionary concept in lawn care that Jonathan Green calls The New American Lawn.

The New American Lawn plan can change the way that you care for your lawn . . . for the better! It is based on the use of both organic and traditional fertilizers in the lawn, applied when and where you need them. You will discover that you do not need to apply turf chemicals all over the lawn year after year. You can finally take control of your lawn care regimen to grow attractive, healthy and robust lawn that is not susceptible to most common lawn problems.


Why should you integrate organics into your lawn feeding program? The benefits gained from the use of organic substances include improved disease and insect resistance and improved heat and cold tolerance. Organic products will also improve your lawn soil’s biology. The soil will become more permeable and alive, allowing water, air and grass roots to penetrate into the lawn soil more deeply and ultimately establishing a better foundation for grass to flourish.

Are you always fighting weeds, insects and fungus in your lawn? These problems are, in many cases, symptoms of poor lawn soil management. A healthy soil is the key to a healthy lawn. You can develop a healthy soil by feeding the microbes and earthworms in the soil with our organic lawn fertilizers. This approach is similar to the way we maintain our own health. When you practice proper nutrition and regular exercise you rarely need medication. If you give your lawn the proper soil environment you will create a healthy, attractive lawn in which you can take great pride.

What type of grass seed have you been seeding your lawn with? If you have been using lower quality mixtures you will never achieve success. In order to achieve The New American Lawn you need to seed with genetically superior grass seed such as one of our Black Beauty mixtures. Remember your lawn will never be better than the grass seed you plant. Break the cycle of disappointment and failure this year and finally grow the lawn you deserve!

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