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(816) 456-3030
Sod Delivery & Installation
Let EarthScapes deliver and install your Black Beauty sod.
Sod Delivery

EarthScapes can efficiently deliver and offload your sod at your site . An EarthScapes pro can discuss your requirements and schedule your delivery to suit your needs.

Professional Sod Installation Services

When you choose premium quality turf sod from EarthScapes you are buying the very best. To complete your project we offer professional installation services performed by our experienced turf team. In addition to sod installation, we also offer a variety of site preparation services, including finish grading, lawn landscape beds, drainage channels, etc.

Prior to sod installation is an ideal time to add quality soil products from EarthScapes. Top dressing with rich topsoil provides a soft, fertile bed for your new lawn to take root quickly. Depending on the quality of your soil, there are many ways we can help you make the most of your investment in premium quality Black Beauty turf.

If you have questions about sod delivery and/or installation, just give us a call at 816-456-3030.

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